Spilling Open

spilling open - altered book

This isn’t over… the page or the process of spilling open. But I wanted to capture the simple beauty of emotion on a background of words about battle. This altered antique book, “The Battle is the Pay-Off” is now one of my favorite journals ever. My collection of antique books will now get a lot more […]

All I Want

all i want paradox

  Sometimes… most of the time I don’t know how to get there. There. Whether it is the “there” in the outer glimpses of my dreams or the “there” in the vision of who I once thought I was to be. Yesterday I heard Chelsea Smith speak about how to get there. She gave five […]

Quiet Way

quiet way_-2

Being Filled

ray bradbury quote-2

I Am the Sea

i am the sea

Names are profound. They call us to greater heights or plunge us into depths unknown. That is my story. The name given without regard, defined with ill-intent. Reclaiming it in art and life will be my challenge…

Secrets and Persua..

secrets and persuasion-2

Secrets. Persuasion. Endless. Shore. There is a message in there that called to me. To decipher it is another story entirely. For me the practice of finding poetry in someone else’s words is a shift in what it requires of your own mental cognition. It can be a sort of mindless activity or perhaps it’s […]

Spilling Life Forc..

spilling life force

Last night’s dream was a new one. I generally have the same recurring dreams I’ve had for years, even decades. But this one ended with me sporting blue hair. When I posted about the dream on Facebook to get some dream interpretation, one comment struck a chord that sparked my imagination for today’s daily art. Here’s what […]

Wild Honey

wild honey

Her name is Beverly. A writer. A poet. 77 years old. She was in a car accident a few years ago and shattered her pelvis. She lived with chronic pain and could barely move. She felt fragile and had to fight her way back to health. She is finding her voice again in her writing. […]

Life Can Surprise ..

life can surprise you-2

The color palette of this page surprised me. Pink paint? And purple? There really is something interesting about letting your intuition pick the colors for your art.