Just Walk Away


“Just Walk Away” Ron Dawson walking down Cobblestone Street in Paris, France Is there anything more delightful than cobblestone streets? They are amazing to photograph and look at. They add character and charm to any city or town. Their unique look offers a vintage feel to even modern areas. But oh my word, have you […]

The Long Journey H..


Rue de Paris Cobblestone Street in Paris For two years in a row I’ve planned a coffee date with my daughter to complete Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook. One of my favorite questions she asks is the title of your life for the previous year… 2013. For 2013, my title was “The Long […]

View From the Top ..


  Montmartre Stomping Ground of Artists in 1920s Paris This view, from the top of the hill, looking down on Paris is mesmerizing. I can see why artists, painters, illustrators, poets, writers and musicians from all walks of life converged in Montmartre in the 20s. It’s away from the hustle of the city, isolated by […]

Hiding From the Ra..

Rainy Days

Hiding From the Rain Montmartre, Paris Caught in a downpour, this Parisian woman is still incredibly chic as she hides from the rain. While others around her were ducking and hiding, she sidled down the sidewalk with grace and poise… everything you expect from a fashionable Parisian woman.

Vineyard for Artis..

artist home featured image

Clos Montmartre Secret Paris Vineyard One of the few non-touristy locales in Montmartre. Storm clouds were brewing when we stumbled upon this vineyard and the stunning mansion behind it. It was the perfect weather to highlight the beauty and mystery of this stunning location that has been a working vineyard since the early 1930s. I captured […]

What is Art

tasra-what is art

Visual Journal Page Office Supply Tag, Alphabet Stamps, Tim Holz Distress Ink Inside the “art” flap on the front of the tag are the words “journaling.” I needed to answer both questions for myself as I began the process of what others would call art journaling. I’ve avoided art journaling for years, not because it […]

Keith Jarrett on D..

“I aspire to not know what I am doing.” Keith Jarrett

Hannah Hichman on ..

“I’m tired of glossy, retouched, plastic, overdubbed, laugh tracked, advertised experience. I want crude – straight from the soul.” Hannah Hichman

Thomas Carlyle on ..

“Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves.” Thomas Carlyle