Plunge into Hope

plunge into hope

Sketch notes in my altered book during a message today titled “Plunge Into Hope.” This was the second message about hope, something of which I have been in dire need of lately. A key point for me were about how expectations frame your life. From childhood to adulthood, we build ideas and expectations about who we […]

Not Saying Anythin..

not saying anything feature

Does anything more need to be said? An entire day not saying anything would truly be a daily delight… at least for me. What about you?

I Knew it Without ..

knowing how-2

Ever have those moments where something clicks in a way that brings insight you never fully embraced or understood? A time when your inner knowing meets your conscious mind and you breathe a sigh of relief that it has been revealed? Me too. These days I feel like art is giving voice to the inner […]

Found Poetry: Ceas..

solve the tangle

Finding poetry is so much easier on those days when the words don’t seem to come. Searching through an old book, some days the words jump out communicating what I couldn’t find the strength or courage to say myself. Simple, profound words for the journey I am on. Ceased to Be Unhappy Very unhappy. Solve […]

Never Too Old

goal or dream

  This C.S. Lewis quote came to me in a birthday card from a friend yesterday. Inspired me to create another daily delight art piece from the wise words of C.S. Lewis. I was also inspired by another artist’s daily works compiled in her book, Whatever You Are, Be a Good One: 100 Inspirational Quotations Hand-Lettered […]

Nothing unfolds th..


This was one of the pages I created in my altered vintage book today and it seemed prophetic in predicting the future of my birthday evening. Ironically, having already established this as a truth and created art around it made the disappointed expectations less of a disappointment. This page and post are the first in […]

Get Lost in the Fo..


Ferry Boats


Every Summer Has a..