Inhabit Your Body: A Hand Lettered Pacific Northwest Touchstone

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One of a kind hand-lettered and painted touchstone. Inspired by a profound interview with a Pacific Northwest bodyworker and healer, she drove home this phrase about the absolute imperative that we inhabit our bodies. How so many of us are detached and distant from the very bodies we need to experience all the joy and love that surrounds us in this world.

Our bodies are our vehicles in this life, our vessels for every experience we have.

We nurture health by assisting an inherent physiological process, slowly building awareness in the felt sense of the body, thereby fostering resilience and a sense of well-being.

As I listened to her words, I felt the strong pull to the waterfront, to the edges of the Puget Sound in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. There I plucked a single gorgeous stone, with depth and weight that would fit in the palm and remind me and you of the grounding we need to be in our bodies. To inhabit our bodies. To find ourselves at home in this earth suit we are given.

There I found it, the smooth surface of the stone catching my eye. The weight and depth of it sufficient enough to ground into the earth. And so it became mine and I cleansed and washed it, then let it dry in the crisp air and sunshine beaming down outside. When it was thoroughly bathed in sunlight, I brought it in to my Renaissance Room where art and creativity collide, and there I painted these words on the touchstone to bring hope and clarity to your life.

This is a one-of-a-kind touchstone looking for its rightful home. Will it be with you?